Get Snapt's just what your looking for!

Looking to capture the action, thrills and memorable moments at your event? You've come to the right place!

Yes, we are pretty great at sports action shots, but our skills don't just end there. We can cover your photography needs across the entire event!

Our event services include:

  • Sports Action shots
  • Team photo
  • Medal ceremonies
  • Speeches/presentations
  • Spectator/ crowd enjoyment
  • Sponsor photo opportunities
  • Promotional shoots

We can see you nodding your head saying, that's exactly what we want! Will it fit our budget?

We have a couple of options available:

As the event organiser, you will have access to the photo's at no cost to help promote your event for both options below. Photo's are available to view within 2-3 days of the event ending, with a selection of event highlight photo's available daily across the duration of the event.

Option 1: We charge nothing (that's right, zip, zero, zilch) to attend and snap the event.

Photo's are available as digital downloads for your participants and spectators to buy from our website. Prices are set at $6.95 per photo with quantity discounts (example: 4 photo's for $20).

Option 2: We charge a minimal fee to attend and photograph the event. Your participants and spectators have unlimited access to the photo's at no charge.

Have another option? We'd love to hear it. Get in touch with us to chat about your event.

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Give our General Manager Mel a call on 0402 627 697 to chat about your event or use the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.

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